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Recovering data deleted by CCleaner on internal memory of android phone


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So, I my CCleaner app on my phone is set NORMALLY to delete cache, empty folders - things that are fine to be deleted - and so when I got a notification to to clear space and save 2GB, I went ok. Then the result was 22GB was deleted. On checking my settings, somehow a load of stuff I deliberately don't select (app data, downloaded files and most important files over 100MB over 1 month old was selected.) Not sure how this happened at all. So my fault for not backing up my stuff (lack of space on computer HDD and still not quite convinced I want all my photos/videos of my kids saved on a cloud somewhere) and also my fault for not double checking the settings but I thought I was only going to gain 2GB back. It was also a notification so I didn't check the settings properly and allowed it to clean. So many things, my fault in hindsight.

My question, is there any way to recover the data (mainly the large video files)? It's the internal memory so I understand that's a harder job.....

Any help would be welcomed! I've turned the phone off now (this happened last night).

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Just experienced a similar circumstance. Had set up a private file in photos on my Android Pix 2. Chose CClean and the option for free up space came up. W/O reading the fine print I hit enter. The files were permanently deleted and there is no apparent recovery option. The files are NOT in the Trash file. No app I downloaded was capable of finding the data/videos including Recuva (a ccleaner product). Seems to me that this issue would have come any number of times by any number of subscribers/users and Piriform would add a - STOP, before you continue -- statement !!!!

with know how pls respond

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Guest johnccleaner

Unfortunately, that is correct; Recuva will not be able to recover the data on more modern Android devices as they are not configured to be able to connect to the computer in a way that Recuva can recognize. (Basically, if it doesn't get assigned a drive letter in Windows by connecting via UMS, Recuva can't see it.) Caveat: Recuva can typically read (micro-)SD cards via a card reader.

Additionally, CCleaner does not include an 'undo' function, as this would essentially defeat the purpose of the software by preventing it from reducing the amount of space used on the device, and make it so that these 'undo files' would contain the same personal data you're trying to erase for the sake of privacy. 

I'm not sure if any of the products listed in this article: https://www.lifewire.com/free-data-recovery-software-tools-2622893 will work with Android devices, given the concern listed above, but it's a place to start, at least.

I'll let our development team know about your suggestion, 2BSharp, as well. Thanks for that.

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