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How I clean Edge cookies with cCleaner on Windows 11

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Apologies if this has been addressed.
In my Career, we have had to kill processes on NT Systems for support.  I cannot be responsible for loss of data and/or undesired effects on any participant level.
This is to be use for Educational Purposes ONLY.

I do not have Windows 8 instruction, however while this MAY apply to Windows 10 these instructions are for my Windows 11 OS

  1. Create a new text document 
  2. Type " Taskkill /IM msedge.exe /F " without "'s (please see attached image)
  3. Save document as .BAT  (old school batch file  ex., new text document.bat)
  4. Run document as Administrator
  5. Run cCleaner

There may very well be an easier way but this works for me.
Thanks and hope this helps.

-Darth Skywatcher

ccleaner edge cookies.jpg

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Thanks but I dont have a request.
cCleaner works for me using these steps because my extensions in Edge won't let it shutdown MSEdge.exe without Force Closing the Task.

I tried Task Manager but it takes too long.
cCleaner works, it just cant elevate over msedge.exe in priority based on my settings

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darth skywatcher, you can disable edge's background processes that continue to run after edge has been closed, in edge's "settings"/"system and performance," disabling "startup boost" and "continue running background extensions and apps when Microsoft Edge is closed," so that edge will not continue to have processes running in the background after edge has been closed.

similarly, you also can disable the google chrome browser's background processes that continue to run after it has been closed.

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