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IE7 Beta3 Cookie Removal

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just to address the current issue where cookies I nominate to keep still get deleted by CCleaner's actions when using IE7 Beta 3...


I've found that if I disable CCleaner's deletion of index.dat files, the cookies of my choice will be deleted and those I want to save will remain intact after a reboot


it seems there is some issue between CCleaner's deletion of

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Cookies\index.dat

and the retention of the cookies a user wants to save - if the index.dat file gets wiped, then even if the cookies have been left untouched and intact by CCleaner, they will disappear after a boot


as a workaround, I've disabled CCleaner's "Delete index.dat files" option under "Internet Explorer"


I can remove the other two index.dat files that CCleaner would have deleted using the excellent free MoveFile utility from Sysinternals in a simple batch file:-


movefile "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat" ""

movefile "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\index.dat" ""


(NB you will need the movefile.exe executable in the same directory as your batch file, or in your system path) - the utility can be found here:-



just wondering if there is any progress/effort in remedying this incompatibility in CCleaner??

I guess an option would be to make these index.dat files individually selectable from CCleaner and NOT select the Cookies\index.dat if you've got IE7 installed...


cheers in advance for your answers



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CCleaner keeps the cookies I want and deletes the ones I don't want so it is working well for me :)


I also use Index.dat Suite to clean up all the index.dat files plus I have it set to defrag the hard drives at reboot so that the defrag occurs before WinXP comes up fully:



Note: Do NOT select the index.dat file for cleanup in the PCHEALTH Folder.

It usually is displayed in Red B)

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CCleaner keeps the cookies I want and deletes the ones I don't want so it is working well for me :)



...as long as you either don't use IE7b3 OR don't use CCleaner to delete index.dat files...


I am (still) wondering if anyone is addressing the IE7b3 cookie + index.dat CCleaner issue...

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I also am having the same issues with

IE7 [RC] release cannot not use the cleaner because

it removes all my good cookies

also tried un-ticking Index.dat and still removes good cookies



I'm not having that problem - I can get it to leave the cookies alone alright

are you sure you've added all the cookies you want to keep?

do a clean to the point where you think your good cookies have been deleted, then visit the site that needs the cookie to recreate it

immediately, go into CCleaner and check the cookies again - if you see another URL like the cookie you need to keep, add it into your keep list and try again


my only problem is when deleting index.dat files, the cookies get obliterated - I'm still waiting for a developer to chime in here and say if this is on the mend in future versions (or if it's even possible to work with IE7 RC1 and future versions)

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