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Does Recuva delete files after recovery?

Hoff Boff

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So, I'm using Recuva to view files inside of a hidden recovery partition in my computer, I want to view some old OOBE files but i'm not sure if Recuva is gonna delete them after recovery. Anything relating to this question will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Moderators

Recuva does not delete any files during the recovery process, which usually involves recovering files which have already been deleted. However you can 'recover'' live files if you wish, and these will not be deleted.

Recuvas does have the capability to overwrite deleted files, but you have to specifically ask it to do so. It will not overwrite live files whatever you do.

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  • Admin

If you attempt recovery to the same drive (possibly even if a different partition), it is possible for data to be overwritten by the recovered files, since Windows 'no longer cares' about that data. So, in a case like this, I'd recommend trying to recover to a USB Flash drive or similar for best results.

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