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First time trying to recover partition or at least some files


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So I accidentally deleted both the main partition and the recovery partition the drive I keep all my program installers/music/movies on (tried using acronis) doesn't work with gpt/guid  got suggested this app by a friend so spent 3 hours doing a deep scan, and it found all files still intact however it froze shortly after it started recovering the files, while searching the web I found a post from 2009 on these very forums about being able to undelete the partitions directly instead of wasting hours recovering the files. And i would love to explore this option, as I have no idea how to recreate the recovery partition outside deleting all partitions and trying to install windows after pulling the other drives out of the system.

Also since a partitioning forum seems like the perfect place to ask does the way a drive is partitioned effect it's performance I ask because I have both the evo 860/870 but the 870 appears to be much slower when its data sheet says it should be marginally faster (takes nearly 2 minutes to boot after fresh installation of win11 as a 2ndary instead of primary boot drive  while the 860 with the EFI partition from its initial setup being a Windows 10 install boots in just 40 seconds even after being shoved in a completely different computer and having an upgrade/dirty installation of Windows 11 and filled to 80% of capacity other than the Efi the boot/recovery partitions also appear to be about 100mb larger.

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The EVO range are SSD's - and you will have very little sucess using a recovery tool such as Recuva on an SSD.

That's just the way that SSD's work, which is different to spinning drives.

I'd suggest that the best place to get help with questions about EVO drives would be the Samsung Community:

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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