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page jumps down when typing

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I typed that in your general search and  got 136 results for problem but could not find. When typing using your browser, the page jumps down in  facebook. Brave browser does not do this, so I switched. Need to be fixed.

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  • Admin

I've not been able to reproduce this issue. 

Would you be willing to restart the computer and see if that takes care of the issue? (That should get around a modifier key being stuck; I acknowledge that's unlikely the issue if it's not happening in another browser, but still worth checking to be sure.)

If that doesn't take care of the issue, would you be kind enough to go into CCleaner's Menu > Extensions > turn off everything in "Your Extensions" > restart CCleaner Browser > see if the issue persists? If it does, try turning off the Pre-Installed by CCleaner extensions as well, restarting CCleaner Browser, and checking.

Additionally, if anyone else has seen this behavior occur, please speak up. :)

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