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How configure CCleaner ver.5 to clean Serpent and MyPal browsers on XP?

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How do I configure CCleaner ver.5 to clean Serpent and MyPal browsers?

I'm running an old Win XP/SP3 system. My browsers are MyPal v29 and Serpent v.52.9.  (I also use Firefox v52.9 but CCleaner handles that.).

Thank you for any help

Been using CCleaner for many years (since it was called Crap Cleaner) on old Windows XP system

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I confess I'm not familiar with these browsers. However, if they are based on Mozilla Firefox (I suspect this would be the case for Serpent from what you describe) or Chromium, then you can configure CCleaner to clean them as described here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048432991

Please note that because CCleaner has not been tested with these browsers, you may see unexpected or unintended behavior (or simply being unable to clean them), depending on how closely they follow the specifications of user profiles from their 'parent' browser.

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