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"Windows 11 must be stopped" (???)


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The person in this video burns Windows 11 down to ground. He gives several reasons why - in his opinion - Windows 11 is going to be a disaster. He points out that - bit by bit - Microsoft is forcing the user to no longer to own but rent the software one is using on one's computer. More and more users are forced to use "The Cloud" on a rental basis. More and more computer users won't be able to (really) own their own computer and their own data anymore.


My knowledge of Windows 10 or 11 is close to zero. That's why I have the following questions:

Do other people share the concerns/the worries this person is bringing forward ? Is Windows 11 indeed the "software monster" as portrayed in this video ? Is this really a big problem ?

System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


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Looked at the video and he has some very valid points. Although practically all software including games is heading that way. I knew some computers were for Windows only, but never really knew the reason why when for example looking at a YouTube review of a laptop or Mini PC where the reviewer stated he/she couldn't get any Linux distro to run.

I'm more on the side of how video games and game consoles (already a locked down eco-system long before Microsoft farted out the though of locking PCs into being Windows only machines) will be in the very near future (i.e.; no Bluray/DVD drives in any consoles in the future is what I expect) and if wanting to play a game a subscription service will have to be bought, etc., and perhaps along with buying the game too versus how Microsoft currently does things with their arguably generous Xbox subscription service for people not wanting to actually buy whole games finish them and then never bother playing them again.

Have to mention it seems since the Windows XP era that every version of Windows released after that which I can remember has had someone doomsaying something about it and why to avoid it. Party true but there are other choices albeit locked down alternatives like a Chromebook, etc., or someone can just build their own PC or Mini PC and install whatever Linux distro they want.

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It's just human nature with anything new/changed and has always gone on, how far back do you want to go?

"I don't care for these new steam ships,  they only make them so that you have to keep buying coal, I'll stick with my old windjammer thanks that's paid for".
"These new iron axes don't last as long as the old stone axes we use to get".

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