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Kamo Private Connection and internet speed


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I have recently installed Kamo. If I turn on Private Connection it reduces my internet speed one hundred fold - from Download 53 Mbps to 0.5 Mbps and upload basically non existent from 20. Privacy is great but not much point if you cant do anything.

And yes I have checked that it is not a connection problem

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Guest johnccleaner

Please contact our support team via the Contact Us form located here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=86507 or by emailing support@ccleaner.com directly and we'll be happy to look into this matter; there may be some logs that you would need to send along for investigation, but our support team will advise on what would be needed and where to find it.

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Guest MeganCCleaner

Hi @Barry22 & @hermlam

While it would not be abnormal for VPN technologies to have some affect on internet connectivity speeds, you've described a substantial degradation in Download/Upload speeds whenever Private Connection is turned on, which is not something that would be anticipated.

However I've not yet been able to replicate the issue as Private Connection only has a negligible effect on my internet connectivity speeds, and I am curious if this problem could be easily avoided by changing the server you are connecting to, which will be possible in a future update for Kamo.

In any case, we're eager to investigate further; would I have permission to contact you via email, using the same email address registered to your forums account?

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Same thing is happening to me. With the private connection on, my download speed goes from 596 Mbps to 0.4 Mbps and my upload speed goes from 11 Mbps to 0.6 Mbps. As mentioned by an earlier poster, the privacy doesn't do me any good if my connection is too slow to do anything. I taught a class via Zoom today for 90 minutes, and I discovered afterward that I was only transmitting at 4 frames per second instead of 24 because of the internet connection.

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I was experiencing the same thing. Kamo would default to a Chicago connection and the download speed would be down below 1 MBs on a 500 MBs line. If I switched it to Miami, it would increase to normal speed. Recently, however, every time the computer boots, Kamo loses all settings and fails to make any private connection at all. I have reverted to Mozilla VPN.

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