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Recuva 1.53 installation file size doubles? Why?

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Monthly, I check for program updates and I noticed Recuva's file size more than doubled?  Why?

The previous version, v1.53 build 1087 from 2016 is 5,346 kb

Now I noticed the latest v1.53 build 2078 from Apr11/22 is now 11,608 kb

If there was so much new code, there should be major changes.  Maybe a what's new file of changes?

I'm worried that there is embedded crapware inside this new installation file.

Can anyone shed light on this?



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2 hours ago, RichardMtl said:

I'm worried that there is embedded crapware inside this new installation file.

Actually the 2016 version is the one with the Chrome and toolbar offers in there.  Those were removed in the 2020 release.  Recuva itself has grown a couple of MB since 2019, But most of the extra size of the installer are the libraries for the installer itself.

As you would have noticed from the version numbers being the same, there is no problem with continuing to use your older version of Recuva 1.53 - provided that Windows Defender doesn't object to it - and you keep an eye out for that old retired Chrome offer when installing it on any new computers.  Aside from removing the offers in the installer, the newer version adds a privacy option and compatibility with an upcoming licensing change (for customers who have Recuva Professional as part of the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle).  If none of those sound particularly exciting or relevant to you, then you are probably fine to wait until Recuva 1.54.

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Looking for your licence key, expiry date or download link? Check here first: https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup
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Thanks for the quick reply.

That makes sense.  My install file for recuva is date 2016-06-08 and is 5.21M.  I seem to remember checking a few years ago (maybe 2020) and noticed the file grew, but had the same version.  When I tested it, there were many offers and other crapware, so I ignored that version and still use the smaller file from 2016.

While I don't use Recuva much, it is definitely a part of my toolkit that I carry around of USB.  I use CCleaner much more.

Is there any 'what is new' (or change log) file for what this version improved?

Thanks again!

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