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Software Updated incorrectly parsing version number for update

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Just a quick bug report! The software updater is saying my version of Sublime Text is out of date, but it seems to be because it's parsing the version incorrectly.


The new version is listed as 4.4126.0.0.0, while my current version is listed as

When I try to update, it takes me through the update installation process as expected, but on completion it says it wasn't udpated and the update is still listed as available.


All told this isn't super irritating, and it's possible this is an issue on Sublime Text's part if their version listing is incorrect. However if it's on CC's end, figured I'd let you know! Even if not, you may wanna implement a regex check or something to see if an "incomplete update" is just a misread version number.

Cheers! :) 

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12 hours ago, curiobot said:

Just an additional update to note that restarting did not resolve the problem. The tried and true turn-it-off-and-on-again let me down! ;)

Hello @curiobot please email our support team at support@ccleaner.com so they could have a look over your issue

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