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Cleaning up junk files

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I took ccleaner advice and downloaded Avast for virus protection. When i run Ccleaner and it cleans up my junk files, then run Avast it says my computer is full of junk files and I need to buy thier clean up program. What gives?

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I suspect that Avast is meaning different 'junk', or a different type of 'junk'.

(Or of course as they are trying to sell then it could just be marketing hype, and they are assuming that there will be junk without actually checking).

It all depends on just what files you mean when you say 'junk'.

CCleaner targets the most common temporary files, log files, and things like that.

But it doesn't target everything, just the more common junk that almost everyone will accumulate on their computer.
If you want go a bit more advanced then 'winapp2.ini' can be added to CCleaner to clean even more junk.

And then there is Adware, Bloatware, etc. - that's 'junk' of an altogether different kind.

So you often want different cleaners for different jobs.
(Just like you have different household cleaners for your dishes, your carpets, windows, bathroom, car, drains, they all do different jobs but they are all cleaners).

For instance:
I use CCleaner to clean up the common junk.
I also have my own cleaning batch file to clean up some particular things that CCleaner doesn't but I want to.
I'll also run the built in Windows Disk Clean-up utility from time to time.
And I occasionally scan with ADWcleaner (from Malwarebytes) to check for and remove any Adware and Bloatware that might have sneaked onto my machine.

So I'm using 4 different cleaners, all cleaning up 'junk', but all looking for and removing different 'Junk'.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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1 hour ago, nukecad said:

(Or of course as they are trying to sell then it could just be marketing hype, and they are assuming that there will be junk without actually checking).

I would note that if the free version of CCleaner finds anything that only the paid features fix (software to update, drivers to update, start-up items to disable, etc) it gives you the option to take a 14 day free (and really free - no credit card required) trial to do it without paying to see if you actually find that feature useful.

As a general rule I would say that anyone making claims and asking for your money should have to prove it first ;-)

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Thank you for the answers! I did upgrade from the free version, the reason I dropped System Mechanic was they were constantly bombarding me with pop ups for more products. 

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