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Search for a specific Driver?

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I would like to install a specific driver, which unfortunately cannot be found in my configuration, although it is part of the standard installation. A net search is unsuccessful because Win7 is apparently no longer supported...

It is a Win7 driver "usbccgp.sys", which was installed without any problems in another (VM-)Windows installation in connection with USB hardware.

The driver itself (...sys) is not enough to copy, the dependencies are missing when installing in my host system.

How can I search and install this driver through CCleaner Pro?

Best reagards


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CCleaner doesn't offer the ability to search for specific driver files; it displays the driver packages that are detected on the computer, either in Drivers to Update (if the detected driver is out of date) or Up-to-date Drivers (if it is up-to-date). 

If you see the appropriate device in Drivers to Update, then simply check that device (or leave it checked, as it should already be) > "Update Selected" or "Update All" and CCleaner will attempt to update it to the latest version we have.

However, in looking up the file you mention, this sounds like it's a part of Windows rather than a separate driver that would be updated by downloading it from the internet; if that is the case, you may need to reinstall Windows in order to restore this driver. 

Alternately (hopefully!), you may be able to go to the Device Manager (as described here: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-open-device-manager-2626075 ) > right-click the affected device > Update Drivers > Browse my computer for drivers > point the Browse widget to your Windows 7 CD/install media and attempt to retrieve the driver from there. 

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I already know that I can start the search via the Device Manager, but unfortunately the search stops without a result. I guess I can no longer get drivers for operating systems that Microsoft has discontinued. Several attempts have so far failed without success. 

I copied the driver from another Windows installation, which is found, but unfortunately the dependencies are not installed and the integration fails. As always, the error messages from Windows are so general that you cannot draw any conclusions about which additional software is required...

Hence my question, if I could do it with CCleaner...
what a shame

Thanks for your answer!

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Best reagards


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