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Deep scan did not recover my images


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Note that Deep Scan will only be relevant for the types of files listed in this article: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204044074 - for any other type of file, you'd want to use a normal scan instead. It's likely that your images are of one of these formats, but I still like to share that information.

In regards to your inquiry, that depends on the details of what happened when you attempted to recover. 

If it didn't find the files altogether, you could try checking the options in the Scanning section of the Actions tab of Recuva's Options (other than Deep Scan, as this is more easily set up when needed via the Wizard) to ensure that Recuva doesn't filter out any detected files. Typically, Recuva will filter out certain files that would not typically be recovered (files with no data, system files, etc) but occasionally these filters can catch files that you do want to recover.

(You can access the Options by cancelling the Wizard or by clicking 'Switch to Advanced Mode" > Options.)

If the files were located but the recovered files could not be opened, that would indicate that the files are already damaged on the drive; Recuva cannot repair files, it can only recover them exactly as-is. You might be able to use something like IrfanView: https://www.irfanview.com/ to open the damaged file(s) and then save them again so they can be opened by other programs.

If none of this helps, you may wish to consider having the drive examined by a full data recovery service, as they'd have more options available to them for recovering the data, though this option is usually considerably more expensive.

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