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Your Cleaning Suggestions

Guest Stephen CCleaner

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Guest Stephen CCleaner

Hi everyone, you can place all your suggestions for new areas of cleaning here in this thread.

  • It's fine to create a separate thread with details, screenshots, examples and then link it here.
  • Your suggestions can be high-level or very detailed and technical; either is fine.
  • What's really useful is to understand "Why is this cleaning important to you?" This will help us to prioritise our time and efforts.
  • We may follow up with questions, using @mention, which will email the address you used to register to the forums. You can manage your notifications in your forum account.

Going forward, our Cleaning Squad will use this thread as a first port of call for reviewing all the cleaning suggestions together. They will combine that with their other forms of research: reviewing changes in Windows and major browsers, and cleaning gap analysis of other cleaning products.


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1) I would like to see a Run command added to CCleaner.

Currently I use a batch program to run CCleaner before my PC shuts down, it calls the script: "tasklist | find /i "msedge.exe" && taskkill /im msedge.exe /f /t"

so that Microsoft Edge (and all child processes are closed) so CCleaner can give Windows 10 a full cleaning.

I think it would be amazing if there was an internal method of: "Run command before CCleaner starts" so I wouldn't have to rely on a batch program to do this.

2) Also, I made another suggestion in one of my previous posts (and the solution) to add a CCleaner icon to the Recycle Bin Context Menu.


Those are my thoughts, thanks!


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Guest Stephen CCleaner

Thanks for the suggestions Bandit!

Is it accurate to say that the main reasons you want to script actions before running CCleaner are:

  1. to clean more thoroughly (close browsers so they can be cleaned along with everything else)
  2. to clean at a more convenient time (when browsers are not in use)
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Hi,  can you add software update for the Corsair iCUE software, i was several versions behind and i would like for this to be included in the driver/software updater if you can.   


Thank you so much :)

My name is short for durango dave

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Hello, could you provide cleaning for the following Adobe Suite temporary folders?

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache

Thank you


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