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How long does scanning a large HDD take?


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I started scanning a 2TB external HDD, and it seems to be hanging on Step 1 of 3: Scanning drive for deleted files, and still calculating time left, and has only found 23 files.

It's been this way for 30-40 minutes now, with nothing showing in the progress bar at all.

Is this normal?

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With a 2TB extranal drive it can take hours.

A scan with the Wizard will take a long time, a Deep Scan will take even longer.


Recuva has to scan the whole drive, so the bigger the drive the longer it's going to take.

Plus  with an external drive the connection, presumably USB, will not be a fast as with an internal drive connected directly to the board.

PS. It's not unusual for the status bar in any programme to go in fits and starts, so they can look like they are stuck and then suddenl jump up a long way.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Thanks, nukecad.  I aborted the scan soon after posting this thread, and started again earlier today.  Right now it's at 4% after running for a couple hours.  The estimated time left is 3 days, lol.  Hopefully it won't actually take that long, but I'm not using the drive nor the laptop it's connected to, so I can wait however long it takes.  I want to sell the drive, which is why I want to find everything and clean it out.

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