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Windows Live One Care Regscanner


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I have tried Windows Live One Care and its registry scan finds obsolete entries that are NOT discovered by ccleaner. Is there a chance that the ccleaner team can look into this issue and give a comment about that?


One thing I discovered: The Microsoft Cleaner finds regentries of deinstalled hotfixes by ccleaner. The uninstall-path is left in the registry by ccleaner, even it has deleted the uninstall programm in the windows directory. Just one example.


For comparison: CCleaner reported a clean registry and microsoft found another 400 "bad" entries...

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Correct CCleaner removes the Hotfix Uninstallers, but leaves a horde of invalid data in the registry that still points to those removed Hotfix Uninstallers. I've removed all of them that RegSeeker finds with no problems. In reality it isn't a problem that they are left behind, as that in itself won't cause any problems.

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