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I have two USB ports that I used to be able to use for my wireless internet access. But for some reason, when I now use the bottom port, the internet won't connect.


I've gone into Network Connections, but when the wireless adapter is plugged in it doesn't recognise it's there.


The weird thing is, both the USB port and the wireless connector still work OK. The port accepts other connections, and the wireless adapter works in the other port.


Any ideas?

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I have a USB port like that on my old computer and have never found out why it's like that. The only solution I had was to plug the device (which happened to be Altec Lansing USB speakers) into the USB plug that detected it.

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Hey - I've sorted it.


This is probably thoroughly boring to everyone else, but I thought I'd post what I did on the off-chance that anyone else has the same problem.


I went to Start / Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / System.


I clicked on the Hardware tab, and then clicked on Device Manager.


Somewhere - I think it was under Network Adapters - there was a little red cross next to my wireless icon. I double-clicked on that icon, and under Device Usage I selected "Use this device (enable)".


That did the trick and now I can use my wireless device in either of my USB ports.

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