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AutoIT Script for CCleaner 1.32

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Hey Guys!


At first - sorry for my unperfect english! :P


Maybe some of you know and use nLite, with AutoIT you can make srcipts for silent install to have CCleaner right after your Windows installation.


I've don it with the "slim" version, i think this is the normal Version you use, put the script should work with the "full" and "basic" version too.


In any case the Yahoo-Toolbar will never be installed.

There are no icons on desktop, no automaticel Internet update and only the "run CCleaner" button on Recycle Bin.

After Installation i chance some options in CCleaner, if you wont you can chance the script (the areas are market).


addet for clean: "User Assit History" + "IIS LogFiles" + "HotFix Uninstallers"

Settings: Run CCleaner after PC start; hide waring massegs; no prompt to backup registry;


Im shure this script it's not the "yellow of the egg" - not perfect, but it runs fine for me.


If you have some Ideas, don't be shy!


EDIT: Update to Version "G"

Addet the "winapp2.ini" automaticly to the CCleaner Folder.


<HERE> is ready for nLite Addon!

(If the admins don`t like it that i post the Addon with CCleaner right here, i will delet the Link - or you!)


If some germans are in here *hello!* you can find the german Verssion from this Script in the german-nLite Forum? or directly <here>...


;Installation of CCleaner 1.32.345;(Setup should works with "ccsetup132_basic.exe" and "ccsetup132.exe" too ,but you have to change the name)Blockinput(1)Run("ccsetup132_slim.exe")WinWait("Installer Language", " ",1)ControlClick("Installer Language", " ", "Button1")WinWait("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", " ",)ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", " ", "Button2")WinWait("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "www.ccleaner.com",)ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "www.ccleaner.com", "Button2")WinWait("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Choose Install Location",)ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Choose Install Location", "Button2")WinWait("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Install Options",)ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Install Options", "Button4")ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Install Options", "Button7")ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Install Options", "Button8")ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Install Options", "Button9")ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Install Options", "Button2")WinWait("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Completing",)ControlClick("CCleaner v1.32 Setup", "Completing", "Button2");The Following strings are optionally. Some Options in CCleaner.Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe")WinWait("CCleaner", "Analyze",)ControlSend("CCleaner", "Analyze", "SysTreeView323", "{DOWN 26}" &"{SPACE}" &"{DOWN}" &"{SPACE}"&"{DOWN}" &"{SPACE}")Send("!{F4}")Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe")WinWait("CCleaner", "Analyze",)ControlSend("CCleaner", "Analyze", "ThunderRT6UserControlDC1", "{DOWN 3}" &"{ENTER}")Opt("MouseCoordMode",0)WinActivate("CCleaner", "Analyze")MouseClick("left", 150, 226, 1, 0)WinActivate("CCleaner", "Analyze")ControlClick("CCleaner", "Analyze", "ThunderRT6CheckBox6")ControlClick("CCleaner", "Analyze", "ThunderRT6CheckBox8")Send("!{F4}");The following strings are creating new start-men? entrisDirRemove ( @StartMenuDir & "\Programs\CCleaner" , 1 )FileCreateShortcut ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe", @StartMenuDir & "\Programme\Utilities\CCleaner 1.32" )Blockinput(0)



PS: If i'm not here wen there is a new Version, the Script-Update from Version 1.31 to 1.32 just was to change all entries (like this = "CCleaner v1.32 Setup") the Version number. ;)


Have A Lot Of Fun! :rolleyes:

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Maybe, but the mainreason to use AutoIT is optimize the settings, just with the keys like /s it isent possiple.

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true, can customize the directory you want it to install and wether to put context menus on the recycle bin and stuff, but i find it more of a pain to deal with autoit scripts then silent installers already built in.


but good script none the less.

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In ouer german-nLite Forum there are a lot of guys too how like the installation with keys more than AutoIT.


But I like CCleaner and i want leran AutoIT and with AutoIT i can install my CCleaner more the way i like it. B)



But one other thing:

CCleaner is freeware but it is ok if I just post a finisht Addon-Pack with CCleaner?

Did the Makers from CCleaner are reading in here, ore is it better to write a email and ask for permission?


BTW: I found here the "winapp2.ini" but not enough infos for it.

I can the "winapp2.ini" just add in the ccleaner folder?

If there any drawbacks?

If "no" why are the "wimapp2.ini isent in the regular CCleaner Setup?

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