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Why is browser cache not "clutter"

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Am I missing a configuration setting?  Seems like it's not a two-step process to clean my mac with the new CCleaner.  Clutter and browser data are under two different menu options requiring me to clean each individually.  The old version only required one mouse click.

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This was based off feedback from our users, to make the browser cleaning process more visible and easily accessible.

(We found that many users were unaware that the standard cleaning also cleaned their browsers, so separating them like this makes it very clear. Additionally, we had a number of users reporting that they would prefer to be able to do one or the other; for instance, cleaning the OS and normal programs less often, but still wanting to clean browsers daily or even every time they closed them.)

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, and I'll be happy to let our development team know about your concern.

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