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Remove or disable floating button with CCleaner icon on CCleaner Android

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I recently installed CCleaner on my Android 12 phone.  How can I disable or remove the "floating" button that appears all the time (even when CCleaner is not open)?  It is interfering with my view of other apps.  The button does not seem to do anything when you press on it, and so I am also not clear what it is supposed to do.  If I can't disable it, I will likely uninstall CCleaner.

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This appears to be due to the App Shortcut function as implemented on some Android devices. 

This is located in Settings > Accessibility. An entry along the lines of 'Installed Apps' should be present, and CCleaner will be within this entry. 

Two entries will be present in CCleaner entry, an on/off switch (this should be on as it's needed for CCleaner to operate as intended), and "CCleaner shortcut", which does not need to be on; try turning that off and see if this removes the floating button. (It may then be replaced by another icon if there's more apps that have this shortcut turned on, the process would be the same for them.)

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I uninstalled CCleaner a few weeks ago after I could not get the button removed.  When I reinstalled it today to test out the proposed solution, the button did not appear, so I was not able to test the solution.  In any case, the issue is resolved.  Thanks!

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