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Hooray for telemetry.


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Just as the world is starting to fight back against phoning home and telemetry in software, along comes Recuva with an update to add exactly that. You have to wonder just how tone deaf the owners of Piriform products are.

Oh well, another Piriform software to add to the "only use old versions" list 🙄

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In case people are wondering what you mean 


We're pleased to announce that the latest version of Recuva has had a small update. This change introduces some basic product usage data reporting so we can understand which Recuva features are being used and which aren’t. This will allow us to decide how we develop Recuva and build features we think our users will like.


Basic product usage reporting, covering:

Feature usage (click events, so we can see which features are used and not used)
Inactive sessions (a ping will be sent back to our servers every 6 hours so we know if users have decided not to use Recuva anymore)


So not an update to the abilities of Recuva itself, just data gathering.

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