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Trying to recovery files deleted by bad sata cables.


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Hi guys, had a problem with bad sata cables that corrupted the boot from my primary disk (already resolved) and that deleted my games folder on my 2nd disk, the one i'm using recuva. It is a HDD of 1tb, and I guess 7200rpm.


This is the first time I use Recuva, and tried a deep scan. I'm still in stage 1/3. First it showed me 1 hour and the progress bar seemed normal, in fact I thought it was faster than I imagined. But, when it rechead 75% it had 20 minutes estimated, and then it stoped there on the same number of files found and in 75%, also since then the estimated time only increased, first 25, then 30 and now 40 minutes. And already passed almost 3 hours since I started the scan.


It seems stucked to me. What should I do? 


Edit: now 50 minutes estimated and still stucked (75% and 837993 files)

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If the time estimated keeps changing then something is still running, so it doesn't seem to be 'stuck'.

(TBH I don't take much notice of such 'estimated' timers in anything, estimate is just another word for guess).

TB sized drives can take time, the bigger the drive the longer it will take to scan.
If it's stopped increasing the 'files found' then that could simply indicate that it's scanning parts of the drive with nothing on there to find, but it still has to scan them byte-by-byte to determine that there is nothing there.

I do note that it's now 8 hours since you made this post, so hopefully it's finished scanning by now?

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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