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Hostile destruction of history in Browser

Old Dog

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I have used CCleaner for years, but the last episode has driven me over the edge.

I might be what you might call a power user. I routinely have 10 desktops open, with Firefox, Chrome and Safari all running at the same time on at least 6 Desktops and probably 10 or so tabs in each window. The last "improved" product hostilely closed all browser windows and wiped out all my history. Wow, what a great product. I know classify CCleaner as Malware. This stupid act on your part will cost me days of effort to get back to where I was, and the whole time I'll be muttering swear words under my breath at your company, the product and the engineers in your company that thought this was a "good idea".

I expect that sometimes a browser will fail, and that requires me to "Restore all Browsers and Tabs". Although this is usually not a problem for Firefox, which even restores the browser windows to the correct desktop, its til is a pain. Chrome and Safari are more brain-dead, but at least they restore all the Browser Windows and I have to put them back on the appropriate desktops.

It wouldn't have been so bad, if I had some warning, but nothing. Just the hostile destruction of my working environment. Great job guys, just great. As I said before, I now classify your product as Malware and don't think I will ever use it again.

Do any of your serious engineers seriously use this product? When I mean serious, I mean people that are writing android, ioS, Mac code using three or four databases, NodeJS, and multiple modeling tools, code generators, accessing Blockchains,  while writing documents on the Web and using wikis?

I know this thread will go nowhere. You might even drop the topic from the forum. Oh, well. I am writing this not to be a naysayer, but to alert people to the serious drawbacks of something like CCleaner that never even prompted me about what I wanted to clean. It just does it.

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I also wanted to add that all my identifies were also wiped out on all my browsers. So, I have to go through every site and play the two-step-verification game on each site. One or two isn't a big deal, but just like CCleaner requires proof of who I am when I log in,  you can image what it means for my dozens of sites! Again, gee, thanks   ... NOT.

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