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Outbyte Shows Outdated drivers CCLEANER Driver Updater Missed


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Outbyte Driver updater shows 11 out of date drivers. 4 are listed under system, others are video, disk, usb, audio, monitor(PnP monitor), keyboard, battery. Most of the drivers shown are dated  06/21/2006. This is a common date on 6 of 11 drivers. Plus it shows 9 tweaks to settings  like "Your computer is not a tablet so you can free up memory by changing Tablet input setting". Others are prefetch, hdd spin down, indexing service can be stopped, etc.

Why is Driver-Updater CCLean missing these drivers?

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Whether or not a driver NEEDS to be updated is a matter of opinion.

Every such driver updater app is written by a different team of people with different opinions, so will recommend different things.

Many advanced computer user do not use such driver updaters. And they will/may also prevent window from updating drivers unnecessarily.
Unless there is a particular problem with a driver then they leave their drivers alone.
(Old saying - If it isn't broken then why try to fix it?).

In the end it's your choice whether to use one or not, and which one you use.

Note that just because a driver has an update does not always mean that update is compatible with your computer, it may not be. (It may change nothing or in the worst case it may even cause things to stop working on your computer until you roll-back to the older driver).

The other tweaks that you mention are Windows settings and nothing to do with drivers.
But yes, advanced users will adjust some of those (as well as some others), your other app is just offering you a way to do that.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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