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Disk D dissapear HELP!!!!


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Sorry, lots of questions to try and work out what may have happened:

Which did you run, CCleaner, Defraggler, or both?

You said you did an analyze, was that an analyze in CCleaner or one in Defraggler?

Was Defraggler seeing the drive correctly as a SSD? (It will Optimize SSDs, not Defragment them).

You say that you "tried to do analyze and the defragmentation" - did you stop a defrag running yourself, if so how did you stop it?

If you ran CCleaner as well then did you use the Driver Updater?

Is this an internal or external drive?
If internal then is it a partion on a bigger drive, or is it a seperate physical drive? (Often a large capacity drive will be partitioned into more than one drive letter).

And, it may help if you also tell us which Windows version (build) you are running.

End of questions (for now).

Presumably your system was seeing the drive before, so the first thing to do is to is a Restart of the computer (Restart, not Shutdown/Boot) to see if it can recognise the drive then.

The most common causes of a SSD not being seen by the BIOS are:

  • The SATA power and data cords are faulty/not fully connected. (USB to SATA cable if it's an external drive).
  • The SSD drive is not initilised/formatted.
  • The driver for the SSD is not enabled in the BIOS settings. (Or the driver is the wrong one).
  • There is a physical problem with the motherboard connector pins. (Usually only a problem for newly fitted Internal Drives).
  • The drive itself is malfunctioning/defective or broken.

If your computer was seeing it before then the formatting shouldn't be a problem, nor should the motherboard connector pins (unless the computer has had a thump), but any of the others could be.
Cables (and drives) come lose (or get damaged), drivers get mistakenly updated to a version that doesn't work, drives sometimes just stop working.

If you could answer the questions above then we may be able to suggest which is the most likely cause, and how to try and fix it.

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