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Kamo breaks my browsers.


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I want to mention that the last update of Kamo (Version 3.2.339.652) breaks all of the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). I can't load anything except for some sites that after they load looks very strange. I tried to close Kamo with no results and finally I stopped the Kamo Service and then I was able to use the browsers. It's strange that this page (Community Forums) looks fine. Also, a windows translator program I use (DeepL) stopped working lke it doesn't take data from the internet. Please help !!!








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  • Admin

Hi @AndyPlkd Does this problem persist after adding these to the "Allowed websites" tile of Kamo, using the following steps?

  1. Open Kamo > click on the "Allowed websites" tile
  2. Type the web address in the "ENTER A WEBSITE" field (e.g. skroutz.gr)
  3. Click "ADD"

If the problem does persist, this is something our support team would need to investigate further.

You can easily contact our support team via email, using support@ccleaner.com.

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Yes, I already tried this but there is problems with video, images etc. I send screenshots and as you can see there is a problem with the ''allowed sites'' and it's annoying everytime I want to visit a site I must put it to allow list and still have problems. If the problem isn't in the software then it's in the Kamo service. If I disable it then all works perfect. (Sorry for my English).




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  • Admin

Hi @AndyPlkd Thanks for all of the additional information as it is interesting to know of how the problem persists even when the sites are added to "Allowed websites".

Our support team would like to investigate further. Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same address registered to your forums account?



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