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CCleaner cannot be removed without help of advanced user


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Some time ago my friend installed CCleaner on his Mac to detect large files. After cleaning, he tried to delete this program, because of annoying notifications popping up from the tray. But he couldn't remove this! CCleaner is working on backgroud, so he tried to kill it from Activity Monitor. But it restarted immediately. He found the service with name starting with "com.priform", but it was launched by root, so he couldn't kill it. He asked me for advice. Finally, I manually disabled this service with launchd and removed CCleaner from his Mac.
And now i have one question for Priform: what is this? Your program is protecting it from deletion with methods like PUA or malware, ordinary user can't delete CCleaner from his computer without assistance. Don't you think that you must add the uninstallation function into the program? Or just let user decide, if he want CCleaner to load on startup or not? I believe that now CCleaner can be classified as adware, so, according to my country's laws, my friend can sue Priform for making and distributing PUA.

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Guest johnccleaner

Were you/your friend not able to use the 'Uninstall CCleaner' function in the CCleaner dropdown menu? 

More information on this function is available here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/4420302965645

If you received an error message or other unusual behavior, please let our support team know via the Contact Us form linked in that article, or by emailing support@ccleaner.com so that we can look into the matter further.


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