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Remove latest version of CCleaner


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I installed version 2.03 this morning and I do not like the how they rewrote the interface.  I was able to delete the app using the Activity Monitor. Where can I download the previous version. Thank you. 

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Finally! An update. After 16 months.

But yeah, I don't 'get' the interface. And instructions less clear than they should be in each category. I'll stick with the Free version for the moment and see if it becomes more intuitive in time. Or if an assumption it / I make with it completely wipes something important I need.

That said, I had to delete the last (Oct 2020) CCleaner because it would consistently crash on Big Sur and Monterey, so I'm not sure rolling back is best option. But there are 3rd Party websites (like FileHippo) that archive older versions of apps, if Piriform doesn't.

Still, if all else fails, there's always OnyX and its Maintenance tab...

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