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Please fix CCleaner for Mac Clean Clutter to prompt me for my password once


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I belive this is a change to MacOS that requires CCleaner to ask again for admin permissions each time it wants to clean certain things.

If you want to clean 'deep' like CCleaner can then MacOS asks for permission again. (Some other cleaners don't have to do that because they are not cleaning as deeply).

It's MacOS being a nanny and 'protecting' things it doesn't want you to remove.

(When it first showed up in 2018 some users were being asked to enter their passwords twice, depending what options they had set to clean different things).


PS. Please don't post the same thing in multiple places. It isn't needed and can get confusing for other members when replies to the same thing appear in different places.

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CCcleaner could be enhanced like other apps to remember passwords, encrypt them and store them safely or prompt and ask the users if they would like to save the id and password in their keychain of ids and passwords.  No need to blame an operating system for protecting a customers privacy.  Some customers prefer this and others do not.  That is when apps can be designed and developed to offer the options I mention above because almost all of the other apps I use that require ids and passwords offer to store them encrypted in the app or in my keychain.

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