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Hi @doumeng77731 I can also confirm that if 6+ websites are added to the "Sites autorises" area of Kamo, the Privacy Score will be reduced, and a warning will be displayed over the "Site autorises" tile.

This behavior occurs because of how Kamo will no longer thwart tracking attempts from websites that have been added, which does reduce privacy.

However I can definitely understand how several persons could easily have 6+ websites they do not wish to protect in that manner, and I'll send your feedback to our product team as I feel as though adding websites should not have any affect on the privacy score in Kamo - especially since it is something that is manually configured by the end user.

I am hopeful we will change this behavior in one of the next updates we release for Kamo and meanwhile, please don't hesitate to notify us if you happen to encounter any other issues, or if you need anything; we'll be more than happy to help!

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