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Driver update function with ccleaner is only money-making and shall not be used

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Here is an opinion from the intel support for drivers:

"The motherboard manufacturer creates their product using the chipset. Based on their internal considerations they decide what the life-cycle of the product will be, during that life-cycle they provide driver updates and BIOS updates for that particular product. 
If any change or update is needed past the end of the life-cycle they make the decision if a driver update is made. 

Regarding preservation of the drivers the latest available for the motherboard are found on the manufacturers website.

Anything else that needs to be updated will be updated by the OS(either through downloads or is already contained by it).

That is why in new installations of Windows so little driver installation must take place. 
There is no gatekeeping done here, if there was any other avenue through which I could provide you with the requested drivers I would have provided you with them by now. 

Regarding how the CCleaner program detects potential updates I do not have any theories.

Regarding inappropriate drivers Windows actually allows you to install drivers for hardware that is not compatible however it explains during the driver change that this might not function in the best case and might make your computer unusable in the worst case scenario. "


So please let me know what CCleaner knows more than Intel (or other Driver and hardware developer) or at last Microsoft Windows...

With CCleaner drivers, it is also not clear whether the drivers are not compromised (with malware). These drivers are also not certified by the manufacturers as described above.

Therefore, this function in the paid "Pro" version is absolute moneymaking, which, as you can see here in the forum, also causes damage to the user, as expected.

So please stop this nonsense with driver updates that don't really exist.

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I,  honestly, fought against a driver updater in ccleaner but it was a popular suggestion made by users so it was added.

Imho ignore the driver updater, it's not how drivers should be managed (again personal opinion here)




Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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I couldn't agree more. As a IT engineer I have always been strictly against any driver updaters.

IMO there's only a three right/correct places you can find updated drivers - Windows Update, motherboard manufacturer support site and a specific device's support site, for example, Intel download center. Any other places and any driver updaters are completely unacceptable.

IMO Driver Updater should be removed from Ccleaner and provided as a stand-alone program. Or at least allow us to not include/deselect Driver Updater during Ccleaner installation.

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