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I want to move my book list

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I have been using Firefox since long before the cows came home! I admit I am a little bit fed up with it and I have been vaguely thinking about changing. The launch of the CCleaner browser just happens to be opportune and I have had an hour or so playing around, trying to get my head under the hood (not a good idea for me!).

On the whole, there is a lot to like about it compared with FF version 90-odd and increasing almost daily. However, among half a dozen minor issues, there is a major one which I have not been able to resolve but is very important for me. Please note that I am not saying that the CC browser is faulty – what I am saying is that I haven't been able to get it to work as I want, which is to have a list of several tens of bookmarks down the side. As far as I can make out, the list that your browser generates is on the line under the address and I don't seem to be able to move it to the side. If I'm doing something wrong, please say so!

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As the CCleaner browser is Chromium based then as you say the bookmarks are under the URL bar.
So you need an extension/add-on to get the bookmarks at the side like in Firefox.

I don't use a Chrome/Chromium browser myself so can't recommend one personally, but this one looks OK and has a good rating.
I'm sure there are others similar in the Chrome Web Store if you don't like this particular one.



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There is a nice bookmark add on that I use that is called Neater Bookmarks. It is in the Chrome Store. It will not create a side panel for your bookmarks as it works more like a menu than anything else. However, in it's settings, I do this.... I enable the "Popup stays open.... "  So, then when I click on the icon and open the menu and click on a folder to access a bookmark, the menu stays open until I click somewhere else on the website that I went to. I also enabled the "Remember previous state" option. For me, this is an excellent bookmarks menu and I also used to use Firefox for many years before I converted over to using Chromium based browsers. 

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