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CCleaner not logging me out of Yahoo Mail or Instagram


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I just bought the Pro license a couple of days ago and now when I run CCleaner I am no longer logged out of Yahoo Mail or Instgram when I reopen Chrome.  I used to be able to run the CCleaner and I would then reopen Yahoo Mail and Instgram and I would have to log back in again (which is what I want).  I run this on my work computer and I want my personal logins to be logged out.  

I don't have any cookies in the saved in the Options screen.  How can I get CCleaner to log me out of sites when I run it?  I do not login to a Google account so there is no Sync that I know of.

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The logged in status is usually saved in "session" for the browser so make sure that is ticked if using Custom Clean.

Alternatively using Health Check should always clear the session.

However there do seem to be some recent changes to Chrome cookies that CCleaner hasn't caught up with yet. So if those particular ones are cookies then they may not be being cleared at the moment.

Edit- I'd also check Chrome itself to see if 'Allow extensions to run in the background after closing' (something like that wording) has been enabled. That would also prevent cleaning of some things.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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