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Does KAMO affect VOIP Phones


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I have Magicjack; and have had it over 10 years now; and just activated KAMO. Since I buy buy the package with Magicjack; 5 years for $100 at a time & currently in the 3rdyear of the 5 year package; will I have to change anything? Will this effect the CALLER ID of the person I'm calling. i.e. display an "CALLER UNKNOWN" or PRIVATE CALLER" message? Also want to know if it will effect 911 responses address display; for the same reasons as previously mentioned? I've never used any sort of VPN; free or otherwise; so I'm in new territory on what to expect, should not expect and conflicts that I need to be aware of. BTW, what I'm running & specific software --- O.S.: Windows 10 PRO (32-bit x64) BROWSER: Mozilla Firefox (updated the date of this post), ISP: Comcast XFINITY Modem: NETGEAR C6300 AC1750 Wireless Router (hardwired to/from desktop), VIRUS PROTECTION: FREE Lifetime MalwareBytes PRO +Chameleon. This is software I'm also wondering if it will be effected by KAMO: Stellarium, NASA Eyes, Spotify, The Weather Channel since they require location based observations/radar data?

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Kamo will only affect the browsers you have selected in Kamo's Browser Protection, on the computer(s) you install it on. As such, if you're using the MagicJack hardware, it shouldn't have any impact at all since that's, effectively, a separate computer.

Other programs will typically not be affected, but there is a small chance they can be if they're using the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge components offered by Windows; in that case, removing those browsers from Browser Protection should prevent any further problems with them.

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