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Drive listed as SSD instead of HDD

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Defraggler goes by what Windows tells it the drive is, and Windows is known to get it wrong.

It can happen both ways with Windows seeing HDDs as SSDs or seeing SSDs as HDDs.

I've not had it happen myself, yet. (Just swapped my HDD to an SSD yesterday and Windows sees it correctly).

However one fix I have heard of is to use the command winsat formal in an elevated command window.
That makes Windows re-assess all your hardware. (Of course Windows might still get it worng).

To open an elevated command window, click the Start icon and type Command, that will bring up the Command Prompt app, click Run as administrator.
Say Yes to the UAC.
When the elevated command window opens type in winsat formal press enter and let it do its thing.
It should only take a minute or two.

Restart your machine and see if the drive is now being recognised correctly.

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