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Images for CCleaner forums (Dial-up and IE friendly)


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For the Admins: ccadmindj2.png

For the Mods: ccmodbe6.png

For the members: pipsg0.png


Old versions:

For the Admins: ccadminpq6.png

For the Mods: ccmodsg5.png

For the members: pipsg0.png


It has a black background because of the thumbnail resize when posting.


All MrG has to do is upload them to here: http://forum.ccleaner.com/style_images/4/folder_team_icons/


Then in the ACP...


Manage User Groups > Edit Admin and Mod groups


And simply make it read for admin:



And for Mods:


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WOAA! They look really nice Tarun. Great job. I hope MrG sets them. Btw, don't we need few more MODS around here?


I wanna get that MOD picture under my name :lol: lol j.k



We have two, rridgely and TwistedMetal. 2 great mods + small-ish forum = no problem

That and the majority of the people here are relatively mature :)

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the majority of the people here are relatively mature :)



relatively mature?


I know you aren't talking about yourself again!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Piriform Forum Moderator

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