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Another big Patch Tuesday


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My dial-up modem is weeping, I seriously need a high-speed connection just to keep up with the OS updates let alone everything else. Damn Windows.

It's of no surprise that there's more patches, actually was expecting it.

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lol just wait for SP3.

You will be downloading for days. :P


Ever since MS started releasing updates only on tuesdays I turned automatic updates off. I just check the first tuesday of every month now.


Shame they come out on the second Tuesday of the month. :P

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Just razzin ya dude.


I do the same. Auto Updates have always been off for my pc. That's how i never got that stupid WGA Notification stuff. :D I even have it down to the rough time it occurs. :P


Ive got mine set to OFF too + notify me :) also UNinstalled WGA - maybe NOT completely - found part of it in Manage Add Ons list :blink: + disabled it :mellow:

hey - thanx for tips on updates = I'll try that too

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My Automatic Update setting is set to "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them."


It makes so it automatically checks for new updates but don't download or install anything without my approval.


I have also uninstalled WGA.


button_b.png hydrogen2nr.png


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