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Software not deleting Recycle Bin files


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Moved/Edited by NUKECAD -
This was originally posted on the Home User forum,
as it is actually CCleaner Cloud I've moved it to the relevant forum.
The 'solution' being talked about  below is the general recycle bin reset.


In my situation, this solution doesn't work.  The locations for Documents, etc., are on a network location... so for example, Documents are on \\IP_ADDRESS\FOLDER\Documents.  Deleting the Recycle Bin folder in that location doesn't work.  I'm wondering if this is also a problem with the Cloud version we use at work.

Update... the version I'm using is 5.86.9258.

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Guest Andrei CCleaner

Hello @JMR, can you please confirm the service you are having issues with ? Is this about CCleaner Desktop or CCleaner Cloud ?


CCleaner for Desktop that you are using (v5.86) cannot interact with files located on a network. You can only do this process with the CCleaner Clould service.

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