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Camo blocking banking sites and Massive CPU usage, BSoD and more.


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There are a few issues I have been having with Camo and I will list them individually below.

#1 Camo prevents parts of online banking pages from loading, even after they are added to Camo's white list a number of banking page elements don't load such as the detailed list of transactions and payments, and others, on some banking sites once added it does seem to be ok but not Master Card or American Express they both still have elements that don't load even after being white listed, a few elements do load just not all and this requires it being shut down.

#2 When I open a web browser Camo starts taking up over 40% of my CPU cycles, and at first I thought this would just be momentary as it loads its protection and verifies things but it kept using between 30% to 60% it would drop a little then have huge spikes many times into the 90% which is crazy as I have intel 11th gen and high end 4k games don't use that kind of bandwidth on my CPU except in momentary loading times that's it and I am meaning huge games, (FFXIV and World of Warcraft) so there is no reason a little program like Camo should be 60% plus on ALL 8 cores but hi end 4k games don't take that much; while Camo keeps using it and having huge spikes. I also caught it sending a request to windows to use my Nvidia Titan GPU not the power savings Intel Iris GPU so it could off load some duty cycles to my GPU core, again needing A TON more power then it should and that's even more stupid. So I had to force it to only use the power savings GPU and not my NVidia Card. before doing this it would case my system to heat up drastically as it was needing to cool my GPU, this is also what clued me into the fact that it offloaded itself onto my GPU and was using a huge amount of cycles on it causing it to heat up a LOT once so hit it triggered the thermal limit and shut my system down to protect it. Thank goodness for that working as it could have fried my system otherwise.

#3 In addition to the massive CPU load it also draws a huge amount of power, which I can see in Task manager as well, and its using "Very High" for the power usage. again I am assuming that its doing this because its using so many CPU (and before GPU as well) bandwidth making it draw a lot more power, which for my external PSW ran very very hot. 

4# I unchecked the option "Load on windows start" but it still loads every time I reboot. So I went through my startup and there is no Camo listed for startup or in services to load on startup, so where the hell is it loading from, as clearly it is not loading the way it should be.

Those are the major issues that I am experiencing, I have also verified it is no a PC issue as I have tested it on other systems and it did the exact same thing. any suggestions would be very welcome as I do enjoy having it, but if I have to kill it constantly its defeating its purpose, and since I game with web browsers open for looking things up this really started to hurt game play as well. 

Also uninstalling and reinstalling made no difference.


#5 Oh one huge thing, I bought the package with my CCleaner to have Camo and HMA (I have issues with HMA but will get into that in a moment.) But someone needs to look into the download link of Camo that you get when you first get the links in the email, what ever version that was the moment it got to 90% of the install it would Blue Screen of Death my systems and corrupt windows startup. I could not get windows to boot fully after this and the repair options in recovery boot mode were unable to fix the issue so I had to "Refresh Windows" aka let it keep my files but reinstall windows. I didn't realize at first that it was Camo that did it but the moment I tried to install it from that initial links download it would corrupt my windows so badly it would just constantly bluescreen and it was some service that was doing it as I could see the startup logs that as soon as windows loaded into the login screen and was loading its last of the programs and services it would bluescreen, hence some service that the specific downloaded file caused to be corrupt. I had to refresh my system 3 times just testing this issue, and it would do it on a clean install of windows. So after that I just would use "Recovery" mode to load a system restore point to recovery my install while I still tried to trouble shoot why it was doing this (and again this happened on other systems I was installing it on.) To fix the issue all I had to do was to go back to the website and download another version and it was not the same file, different name and its file size was different so it's defiantly something in that one file that you download via the welcome email, so you should replace that file as I'm sure others are having similar issues and not realizing its Camo doing this,

HMA (Hide my Ass)

I know this is the Camo page but just in case someone knows why to this here I figured I would ask.

#1 HMA even when I connect to a server in my own country (Canada) has a weird habit of messing with sites like Netflix, I am in Canada and I connect to a Canadian server but if I have HMA enabled I get some other countries shows showing up on Netflix, it also makes webpages do similar things it does seem to understand that I'm connected to a Canadian server and so starts displaying very weird ads from other countries. 

#2 When its on and I try and go to a banking it will give errors some with an error code but many not and the bank has no idea why its happening. So it can be very strange when what happens when its being used, and again this is the same on multiple systems.

#3 I will say that a lot of the features I do like in HMA though such as still being able to go to local network based assets that other VPN's wont let you do so cudos there and in a few other features, if these small issues could be resolved it would make it a fantastic VPN, up from a very decent VPN.

So I hope that someone has some ideas that could help with these issues as there is not much configurability in its options, and even when options are deselected it does not always fallow suit and not do what you told it not to do (example keep loading up when I start windows) I personally have over 25 yeas in the tech field so I have done all the major testing and tinkering to see if I could get it to function correctly with little to no success, so new ideas or specific fixes would be greatly appreciated.

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