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Kamo usage on Windows 11 Education Insider Preview?


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'Insider' preview Windows versions are testing/development versions of Windows; as such no-one can say for sure if any app will run correctly on them.
It might do, it might have some unexpected issues.

That is the main reason why the Insider versions exist - so that willing user can act as guinea pigs to try things out on them and spot things that may not work properly.
Microsoft can then address those things that aren't working properly before the 'official' version is released.

In other words Insider versions are 'not yet complete' versions of Windows that users around the world are testing for Microsoft.
(So Microsoft doesn't have to employ beta-testers and pay them).

Any application that you try may or may not work properly on a Windows Insider version.
It may work fine on one make of computer but not on a different make, it may work fine in one language but not in another - that's what Microsoft want to find out by having all these users testing for free.

So the only way to know if any app will work on a Windows Insider version on any particular make of computer, is to try it and see.
It might work OK for now, but when the next Insider Update comes along it may stop working or stop working properly.

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