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CCleaner getting a bad rap


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How come some techs on websites like Tech Support . com put down CCleaner? Saying that will screw up Windows 10. I have used CCleaner since I disscovered it years ago like when it first came out. I have never a problem with it. Maybe once 10 years ago on a real corrupted computer but never again did I have a problem. So what's with these guys? Are they just covering their ass or what? Any comments good or bad will be appreciated. I still use CCleaner and I love it and I do use the Registry Cleaner part of it. Lemme know folks. Thanks.

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They are generally people who used to use/recommend CCleaner in the past when it was just a cleaner, but they don't like the additions that have been made over the years.

Basically the writers you are talking about are saying to their readers 'You can't be trusted to use CCleaners tools correctly, so leave it alone'.
That's the kind of thing you say when a child picks up one of your tools, which tells you more about what they think of their readers than it does about CCleaner.

Like any tool, blithley using the Registry Cleaner without knowing what you are doing can screw up Windows 10 (and has done for some) - any registry cleaner can do that.
(Some people use it everday for years without problem; and then Windows changes something and it suddenly bites them).

We recommend that you don't regularly use the Registry Cleaner with Windows 10, only use it if you have a specific problem.
Windows 10 changes the registry often which can give false results.
For the official Piriform advice on using the Registry Cleaner see this:

Here is Microsofts stance on using any Registry Cleaner:

The new Driver Updater can also cause problems if just used blindly, the devs are building in more safeguards.
So can the Software Updater but that is less usual.

CCleaners' tools are just like any other tool.
Used the correct way they are useful, use without care or to try and do what they were not intended for and you will probably damage something.
Electric drills or even hammers are useful tools for the right job, but use them without care or for the wrong job and you are likely to damage something.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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It rarely if ever caused issues minus registry cleaning from the get go when it was a much more simple tool.
* Then they allowed winapp2.ini additions created by regular users (which they do not officially endorse or support) however that isn't in the default installation or the program itself, so the user has to manually add that in.
* Then it became a not so simple tool when they added in more program "feature requests" baked right into the default installation that Nukecad detailed in the above post that have caused some users issues such as driver updates.

So in short it went from a simple tool without many bugs or glaringly obvious issues to what it is now and has been for a few short years a bit more complex. Add in complexity and get some bugs along with it.

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