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can anyone help with my ram issue. I have Corsair Vengeance Ram 16gb sticks at 3600Mhz. I have 2 x of these ram sticks in computer on a tuf-gaming z390-plus motherboard. I also have the intel 9900K processor installed. whenever I check software like Speccy or CPU-Z it tells me my ram is operating at 1600MHz. can anyone advise me why my ram is not operating at 3600MHz?

Regards Dale

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That confuses allot of people. It's actually '1600 MHz x 2 = 3200 MHz' in such tools. In this instance it's easier to look in Task Manager inside Windows 10/11, click the Performance tab then click Memory and see what it lists, it should say 3200 MHz or very close to it.

This has been discussed before on here and such tools could help people if they'd actually display the total frequency.

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