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Duplicate finder Music input in file type


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Are you trying to find the same 'tunes' saved in different formats?

Files of different formats would not be duplicates as far as a computer is concened, they will contain different data (even if the 'tune' is the same when played).

The names will be different, because the file extensions are different.
The filesize with different formats would not be the same. (A Flac is typically six times larger than a MP3 of the same tune).
The modified dates will be different, if only by minutes.
The contents will be different, because they are different formats.

However if you are just wanting to search for duplicate Flac's and duplicate MP3's at the same time then you set up different paths to include in the search and tick both.
It will then search for duplicate Flac's, and for duplicate MP3's, but it won't match one type to the other.
(Except possibly on filesize only, which would just be a coincidence if you did find a match between Flac/MP3 formats).

eg. This will search for duplicate 'doc' files and duplicate 'txt' files on the users desktop, but it wouldn't consider 'ABC.doc' to be a duplicate of 'ABC.txt'.
Even if they actually contained the same text they have different names, will be different sizes, have different dates, and the contents will be different because the doc will contain more formatting data.

If you could explain more just what it is that you are trying to do then someone may have a suggestion.


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