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Kamo not letting me accept cookies from MailChimp

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Hello everyone. I am new to Kamo, and I also with with MailChimp for sending broadcast emails and have entered in as exceptions to block cookies for all of the various domain names that MailChimp uses. They set a lot of session cookies which are necessary in order to use their site.


And, doing this doesn't seem to make any difference at all at Kamo continues to block all cookies from MC, which every 30 seconds or so ends my session, forcing me to log back in again, loosing the session and all of the associated writing that I have been doing.

It's so intense that it's forcing me to write locally first and then cut and paste, hoping to be able to actually send an email out in less than an hour. :-)

I love the depth that Kamo blocks cookies, yet I need some kind of workaround that actually allows me to have cookies be functional for sites that have to have them in order to work.

Thank you to everyone, I so appreciate your assistance.


David Maria

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So far the only available option that I can figure out is to uninstall Kamo, reboot, use MailChimp and then reinstall Kamo. Way too cumbersome to be an effective tool.

There has to be an option that will allow me to fully use a site that absolutely requires cookies to be accepted in order to function.

Hoping that there is some kind of resolution to this that works.

Thank you again.

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I am having the same Issue with MailChimp. I installed Kamo yesterday. Today I had an email campaign that I needed to be sent, Kamo prevented me from logging into MailChimp. I tried adding MailChimp as approved web address which still did not allow MailChimp to load. Tracking report showed blocking MailChimp. I had to uninstall Kamo.



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