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Driver Updater error code 91613


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I am getting the same error. I have not moved to any other screen or pressed any other button. I clicked the scan/scan again button and than 'update all'.  I also tried to update a single driver and got the same error. I used the 'check for updates' function and I am using the latest version.

Since this is a new function, perhaps my firewall does not allow this 'suspicious' activity through which software is updated?  I'm using Bitdefender and the notifications list does not show any related warnings or other messages.  


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The thread where you originally posted this was from 2 years ago, and was about the 'Software Updater'. (There wasn't a Driver Updater at that time).
You also have a different error code to the one there. (Error 91613 is a new code to us users).

However I do note from your screenshot that you have CCleaner Free version.

To actually update the drivers you have to have a CCleaner Pro licence.

CCleaner is just showing you the wrong message, and should instead be saying that you need a Pro licence to update drivers.

I'll flag it up to the staff that the wrong message is being shown to you.
EDIT: They are aware and will be changing the message, probably in the next CCleaner update.

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