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Driver Updater is a joke


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On 28/08/2021 at 15:28, Mineria said:
  • Detects newer drivers as older drivers.
  • Ignores driver packages as example Nvidia GeForce drivers

You might as well remove it seeing all the issues people have on the side of it.

Hi @Mineria

CCleaner uses the "Release date" to determine what driver updates are available, rather than the version number and in some cases, a newer driver may actually have a smaller version number because of how different manufacturers use different numbering ranges.

For example, for a Intel device on Windows 10, the version of a default Microsoft driver can be 10.0.19041.1 (date: 06/21/2006), but the newer driver supplied by Intel may have a driver version (date 07/31/2013). The Intel driver is preferred because its release date has a higher priority.

You can view the release dates in the CCleaner UI by clicking the "Learn more" button located next to each driver that has been identified.

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