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My CPU temp doesnt show up as well as my ram has no details like it did before.

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I recently upgraded my motherboard, processor, and powersupply. I am now running a rog b550-f gaming motherboard with an AMD ryzen 7 3700x. i have the same ram, the same hard drives, and graphics card. now speccy will no longer tell me any info on my cpu or ram. I have updated every driver, and still nothing.


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Would I be correct in assuming that you upgraded to DDR4 memory during this process? That would explain the memory report, as currently Speccy is unable to retrieve full details from DDR4 memory.

In regards to the temperature for the CPU, I've seen this reported before for this model of CPU and a few others in the Ryzen line.

Our development team is looking into the matter, but we do not currently have an 'ETA" for when an update that will correct the issue will be available. However, I'll be happy to provide the information that you've sent along to help with the investigation.

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