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Restore deleted bookmarks?


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Guest johnccleaner

There isn't a way to recover the bookmarks from within the Bookmark Manager, and your bookmarks file is a single file, so you couldn't simply recover the file that was deleted (a part of the file was deleted instead of an entire file).

However, CCleaner Browser does save a backup file of your bookmarks file periodically in, by default: C:\Users\[Windows user name]\AppData\Local\CCleaner Browser\User Data\Default as Bookmarks.bak.

Close the CCleaner Browser entirely, then you can delete/move/rename the existing Bookmarks file as desired. Once that's done, rename Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks to revert to that version of the Bookmarks. That should then restore these deleted bookmarks (unless the backup was taken after bookmarks were deleted, of course).

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Hi all, 

hope it is ok to jump in here.

I am in a different situation here, due to some local changes i had to uninstall CCleaner browser, and once done all my bookmarks was deleted, as i did not notice the checkmark to delete all my bookmarks.

Is there anything i can do to restore them as it was very important to me. I havent tried to install again yet, before during some research.

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