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Ryzen 7 2700x CPU temperate listed high


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New system build.


Ryzen 7 2700x CPU (with Prism CPU cooler)

Mother board is an MSI B550 Pro V. I redid the thermal paste but no change from original numbers.

16GB of DDR4 ram.

Nvidia G-Force 640 2GB ram.


CPU temperature listed by Speccy high at 201-203 degrees Fahrenheit yet the BIOS states its 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, this thing runs like an IBM from the 90's. The BIOS is a year old.

CPU and cooler is cool to the touch. Fan speed is relaxed and slow. No high temp smells. No overclocking engaged on any level.

What's going on?


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Disregard, I downloaded the latest version and it seems the Overextended and Underpaid Engineers have been working very hard as the temp for the CPU comes up fine now. As far as the slowness goes, I'll have to change each component until I strike gold.


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Guest johnccleaner

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear it's now detecting a more reasonable temperature.

Regarding the speed of the computer, one option that might help out would be to disable unnecessary programs from automatically starting with Windows - this often provides a noticeable improvement in overall performance as well. For example, you'd want to leave things such as your antivirus/firewall and printer enabled to run at Startup, disabling all other programs that do not need to constantly run. 

CCleaner makes it easy to manage the auto-starting programs and instructions can be found here.

Some additional suggestions on how to optimize the performance of the computer even further are:

We've also found that on computers using Windows 10, performance issues can be cause by the system's Power Options. If you are using Windows 10, you can right-click your Start button > Power Options > Additional power settings > select High Performance. 

Please note that this will cause the computer to use more energy, and on a laptop or tablet, it will consume battery charge more rapidly if on battery in this mode. 

Of course, if none of these options help out, then it most certainly could be a component-level issue, but they're fairly simple things to look into that might help you get a bit more out of the hardware already present. :)

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